Introduction of the process of simultaneous dissolution

excerpt of my MA Thesis "HIDDEN WORLDS - travel into inner space"

The appearance of any form in the Universe implicates its disappearance. That is a Cosmic law, which does not end here. The same form goes to a process of reappearance, but with a different particle configuration and modification in its energetic charge.The science behind it is quite simple to understand. More or less it goes like this – there are few cycles, where each element, constructing the form dissolves. More specifically there are four elements with eight cycles. But we do not have to explain at this point all the details of each cycle. What is important is that each cycle has very specific characteristics, which are reflected as psychological processes. The energy that is left from the process of dissolution is then drawn back to its original source, which resides somewhere in the vastness of the Universe. After some period of hibernation, voila! The physical form pops up again the Universe. Nothing is ever lost. This is the process of simultaneous dissolution. Some call it magic, others call it death. Whatever you want to call it does not matter. The fact is that it exists and it is pretty much a fascinating occurrence!

The process of simultaneous dissolution has in itself other stages, which can be both recognizable and non-recognizable, depending on the mental character of the one, who is undertaking the experience. Along with physiological changes and transitioning of the gross matter, there are appearances, reflections, smoke, streams of light and some other surprises. Sometimes the light is sparkling. Other times not. However the most significant and exciting aspect of the process of simultaneous dissolution is the natural process of illumination. This is the after effect of the experience and the bonus one gets after the mirage of appearances. The natural process of illumination occurs in the subtle mind and if one wants to bring it to the three-dimensional plane of existence then special practice is needed. Everything is recorded in the hard drive of the consciousness. There are three key words - practice, bravery and release.

The consciousness is a continuum of experiences, which have been accumulated throughout the existence. It is continuous and expands with every new upgrade one goes through. If talking to the cells occurs on a regular basis, some pretty interesting facts about the self and the other worlds the self inhabits become clear. Then the mind will remember the language of plants, animals, rocks and other living forms. Suddenly one can easily get super exited and might want to write a book for trees, rather than people. There are no limits. Your-self is the only limit.

You already know something about the magic of transformation. Some processes take time to appear or to disap- pear, but time is not a factor. Cut up all durations and stop calculating time, calories, kg, etc. They do not matter at all. What matter is beyond everything you can imagine!