photography, diasec prints, 100 x 70 cm
video, duration: 05:55 min

Behind a thick dark cloud, amongst amorphous substances, moonflowers, skulls of unknown species and Bisphenol A organisms are the remnants of the lost paradise. Its vibrant, lush gardens are long forgotten. Polymer manmade clones travel in space to look for a new home. The collapse of symbols symbolizes symbiosis. Slowly, but surely the biological hybrids come out of the deep inverted mountains. Like chameleons, they blend with the surroundings and culture a new life.

“Paradise Lost” explores the relationship between human and nature. Nature has been exploited in various ways, which has resulted in significant changes in its genesis. Scientific experiments have been reshaping organisms, transforming their essence into semi-synthetic, semi-organic one. All this has created a rather dark and melancholic landscape of our planet, making the human an ultimate destroyer of paradise.

The project was supported by Arts Promotion Center Finland.

EXHibition views