2016 - 2017

Entering into the holographic realms is a way to see within. It is a connection to subtle level of perception, to alien realms and parallel worlds, to mystical experiences, to unexplained phenomena, to me, to you.

The series consists of sculptures, c-prints, animation and drawings (the drawings are included in a separate section). Altogether the works form a constellation, encompassing the realm of the transpersonal. The transpersonal goes beyond the level of personal identity and extends towards the non-human realm of nature and cosmos.

The invisible, subtle forces play a huge role in shaping reality. People, who are often called magicians are able to understand the relationship between the invisible and visible. The magician is simultaneously a participant and observer, a bridge between two worlds. "Holographic Realms" stands for that space between the physical and immaterial/spirit world.

EXHibition views